Internet for Motorsport

Internet for Motorsport is our bread and butter. We provide services to all major teams competing in the FIA World Rally Championship, consistency is assured globally. Our customers in Circuit Racing include WRT Audi who chose us to ensure uninterrupted internet service on the pit wall, in the box and in the paddock.

Video Streaming
EVENT-IP has extensive experience in live video streaming from events. The advantage of EVENT-IPʼs SCPC connection technology is it provides broadcasters the ability to stream video and audio in every high quality directly from the event without the need for any expensive SNG type systems.

Wireless Networks

The backbone of EVENT-IPʼs expertise is delivering large scale outdoor Wifi networks. We create wireless zones raging from a single office with a few users to an entire motorsport event with thousands of spectators. We utilise a combination of Satellite and Local Internet services to reach the bandwidth levels you require.

We work around the globe and around the clock

providing reliable network services

About Us

We’re a small team delivering working solutions to predominantly Motorsport Events. Global race teams, promotors and event organisers rely on us for links back to office networks and for dependable internet services.

We deliver our core services via Satellite. It’s the only way to get guaranteed bandwidth and service to a remote location. We do use other technologies such as Fibre and ADSL but always in conjunction with the Satellite system. We would never attempt an event without the dependability of Satellite. Locally sourced land based systems almost never deliver on their promised performance.

Managed end to end by EVENT-IP using systems developed and managed in house we setup bespoke high capacity links that fit your requirements. Working in partnership with our global teleport operators we are able to offer a range of services to suit your needs, if you need basic Wi-Fi internet access or dedicated bandwidth for HD video streaming wherever you are we will make it work you.